Zombie SurviVR is a Zombie experience for lovers of action, horror, and Zombies! Witness firsthand as the Zombie apocalypse unfolds. Trapped in a military infirmary with Zombies attacking on all sides, you are dropped in middle of the action as an infected patient. Will you and the other patients survive?  Watch as the excitement explodes around you in 360° Virtual Reality!


Captured in cinematic VR, Zombie SurviVR can be used with mobile devices, and is compatible with Google Cardboard.

Using your mobile device's built in gyroscope, Zome Survivr Allows you to experience 360 content all around you - putting you in the center of the action!

If you have a Google Cardboard VR Viewer, you can enjoy an even more immersive Virtual Reality Experience.


Sleight of Hand Productions specializes in creating the impossible. They have produced projects from feature films to television pilots, virtual reality experiences, new media, and everything in between. Working with some of the world's biggest brands to develop innovative content, Sleight of Hand specializes in taking productions from the smallest idea through to their final delivery, supervising every facet of production from preparation all the way through post production and sale.

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