“Sirens” is the story of an arrogant New York City EMT’s journey of redemption. Smart, charming, and handsome, Tom is at the top of his game when he is fired for breaking protocol and losing a patient. Left with no other choice, he takes a dead end job transporting patients to and from the hospital. But when his new occupation forces him to interact with Rae, the curmudgeonly religious widow of his last patient, Tom decides to set things right by reconnecting Rae with her estranged daughter. But Rae’s daughter is just as stubborn as she is - and not falling for his charms. Between Rae’s insistence on Tom joining her at church, and his feelings for her daughter, this job will be his toughest one yet. As he grows closer to both women, he learns the true meaning of healing - and forgiveness — through the power of prayer.

          Based on the true stories of actual FDNY EMTs, “Sirens” is a funny, heart warming story about finding faith and forgiveness when all hope is lost. Filled with thrilling rescues and emotional moments set against the back drop of Christmas in New York City, Sirens is a film the whole family will never forget.